Fear of Negative Evaluation

Please read each of the following statements carefully and indicate how each of the following questions applies to you. Click on the option that best describes you!

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I worry about what other people will think of me even when I know it doesn't make any difference.

I am unconcerned even if I know people are forming an unfavourable impression of me.

I am frequently afraid of other people noticing my shortcomings.

I rarely worry about what kind of impression I am making on someone.

I am afraid others will not approve of me.

I am afraid that people will find fault with me.

Other people's opinions of me do not bother me.

When I am talking to someone, I worry about what they may be thinking about me.

I am usually worried about what kind of impression I make.

If I know someone is judging me, it has little effect on me.

Sometimes I think I am too concerned with what other people think of me.

I often worry that I will say or do the wrong things.

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