Incomplete Sentence Completion


Complete these sentences to express your real feelings. Ensure to answer ALL questions.  Be sure to make a complete sentence

The findings of this test will assist your therapist in your treatment.

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The happiest time

My earliest memory of my mother

What annoys me

I want to know

I failed

In school


I hate



When I am older

When I was a child

The worst thing a woman can do to a man

A mother

If I were king

When I see a man and a woman together

As a youth my greatest trouble

I wish

My family treats me


I suffer

What I want most out of life

The difference between Mom and Dad was

The most important quality a man looks for in a woman

My greatest weakness


The future

My father

I secretly

The most important quality a woman looks for in a man

I sometimes wonder

I sometimes wonder

I need

The worst thing a man can do to a woman

Most women

My greatest fear

My earliest memory of my father

I use to daydream about

I can’t


My personality would be much better if

I was depressed when


My earliest childhood memory

I like children who are

At bedtime

I dream mostly about


The worst thing I ever did

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