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360 Psyche is an organization created based on our passion for you. A dream of three years came to life on July, 2019. A dream of providing mental health and psychological well-being specialized services by only experienced, qualified and verified psychologists, therapists, and counsellors, focused at nurturing the human mind, spirit, and body towards the best version of ourselves in Nigeria. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, 360 Psyche is built on these four tenets – educate, connect, discuss, and research.

We provide services to children, teens, young adults, adults, couples, groups, organizations, and communities. Physical face-to-face services are only provided in Lagos, Nigeria. You can access online services from the comfort of your device 24/7.

About Us - Psychologist and Mental Health Professionals in Lagos - Nigeria : 360 Psyche

We have a growing body of verified mental health professionals providing services on various platforms, who also contribute thoughts and ideas on subjects relating to your mental health and psychological well-being via writing based on specialty, alongside other writers. Our content is focused on it being easy-to-understand without it being too vague or too clinical. Got a suggestion? Please let us know here.

 In order to provide efficient services, we also connect you to a verified mental health professional based on your unique conversation history from your communication with us. We got free resources to get you going. check them out.

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Our Mission and Vision

360 Psyche Vision Statement Lagos Nigeria


First choice hub for convenient mental health advocacy, training, therapy and consultation services in Africa.

360 Psyche Mission Lagos Nigeria


An interactive organization aimed at bringing convenient and superior quality services for people of all ages to live above life stresses and mental health challenges, maximizing potentials for a complete wellbeing and not just the absence of a challenge or disorder.

Our Service Approach

Evidence Focused

We keep this at heart, measuring our clients’ improvement using predetermined milestoes.


Everything, inclusive shopping and business, is conveniently delivered these days. Why not therapy, coaching, training, and other mental health service?

Personalized Profiling

For us, one size never fits all. We see ourselves as part of our clients lives, and future, and ensure a tailor fit, making use of psychological assessments.

Flexible and Friendly 

We believe everyone deserves to live their best life. There is a plan for everyone.

Team Work

Individually, we do not know all, and do not act like we do. So each team member sticks to what areas they know best.

A Few Words About

Our Team

In each of us is a beauty flowing deep and wide. Today, we are hoping to do one thing – help express the beauty, one person at a time.

Nonye Ukwuoma - 360 Psyche

Nonye Ukwuoma

Clinical Psychologist & Public Health Expert

Uchechi Chukwuma 360 Psyche

Uchechi Chukwuma

Developmental Psychologist & Psycho-social Support

Kachi Ekwerike 360 Psyche

Oyedikachi Ekerikwe

Clinical Psychologist & Leadership Expert

Ibironke Thomas 360 Psyche

Ibironke Thomas

Consultant Psychiatrist

Deji Asoro 360 Psyche

Ayodeji Asoro

Organizational Psychologist

Yemisi Benson 360 Psyche

Yemisi Benson

Child & Young Adult Expert

+ 7 More

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Are you a writer, interested in writing around areas of health and wellness, please send us a message. We are always looking for experienced and qualified writers to join our team.

Are you a qualified mental health professional – psychologists, therapists, counselor, coach, psychiatrists, marriage counselor, or social worker, with a track record of evidence-based psychological well-being services, and needs to be verified under our platform? Complete our verification form to get started.

With the varieties we have to offer, we hope you live your best life, and don’t forget to drop a comment. We love hearing from you. You can check our frequently asked questions for quick answers.

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Our Tenets

360 Psyche Tenets - Mental Health and Psychology Educate

We provide updated information on mental health, psychological well-being, including every day stress

360 Psyche Tenets - Mental Health and Psychology Connect

We connect you to a verified professionals based on your unique profile over a variety of service delivery options

360 Psyche Tenets - Mental Health and Psychology Discuss

We discuss various challenges and real solutions with real people in a language you understand

360 Psyche Tenets - Mental Health and Psychology Research

We research on various mental health topics as it concerns the average Nigerian, African, and the world at large