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Postpartum Depression

Usually, when we find ourselves talking about pregnancy-related challenges in Nigeria, postpartum depression (PPD for short) doesn’t top the list. Nonetheless, recent data have reported that depression is the most common postpartum complication. In simple terms, postpartum depression is a type of depression that occurs after childbirth. It is a mental health condition that affects …

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Understanding symptoms and treatment for depression in Lagos - Nigeria : 360 Psyche

Depression – Symptom, Types, Causes, Treatment, Self-care

More often than not, people equate depression with sadness. So is it safe to say since we have all been sad, therefore we have all been depressed? No! Depression is more than just sadness. Sadness is a normal human response to perceived unfavorable situations. This is one of the myths debunked on 18 myths of …

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