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Our team of experienced and qualified Professional Therapists, Psychologists, and Counselors are now available round the clock – 24/7 to offer sessions suited just for you! Get help anywhere, any day, from your place of comfort. Therapy can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

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Online therapy or counselling has been scientifically proven to yield similar results as therapy at the therapist’s office (face-to-face therapy) on various challenges. It can help you overcome mental, emotional and behavioural challenges. Also, online therapy has been shown to yield long-term results.

With online therapy, you can access a more pocket-friendly option of therapy. This eliminates the added costs of office visits and logistics. Group sessions are even more pocket-friendly than individual sessions. Assessments are done to assign individuals to groups

Online psychotherapy, also called telepsychology, e-counselling, or e-therapy, is a virtual process of delivering psychological services through the Internet. Our services are provided through real-time two-way electronic audio-visual communications (we opt for secure end-to-end platforms that are convenient for you. You can choose between Zoom, WhatsApp and Slack). We provide direct services via secured videoconferencing and telephone calls. On the other hand, emails and text messages are utilized for non-direct services such as scheduling appointments, complaints, suggestions, etc.

Therapy, also called psychotherapy, is an effective treatment for a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioural challenges manifested in symptoms that can affect our daily lives, relationships, communication, work, and education, among others. Therapy helps you overcome challenges, and make positive changes in life. When psychotherapy is offered by professionally trained psychologists, therapists, and counselors it yields long-term benefits.

Online therapy has been proven to manage depression, anxiety, OCD, psychological effects of trauma, and stress, among others.

Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Effective for a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioural challenges
  • Choose to access help anonymously
  • Get help at a convenient time, day, and place for you
  • Helps avoid being seen visiting a therapist’s physical office
  • Video calls and audio options are available
  • Opportunity to enjoy therapy, counselling and coaching even when you travel frequently, or are busy for an extended period but want to be consistent with your sessions
  • We provide help even when you are physically restricted or challenged and unable or don’t want to leave your home
  • A more pocket-friendly option for therapy. Online therapy eliminates the added costs of office visits and logistics.
  • Online therapy is provided Monday – Sunday
  • Assessments are done to assign individuals to groups
  • No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy premium services

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