Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our employee assistance program (EAP) is tailor-made and designed to offer direct help to your employees with a wide range of psychological needs. We help in resolving personal or work-related challenges that may be influencing their productivity at work and help create a balance work-life that boosts productivity, and mental, emotional and physical health. Read more about our EAP options in the description below:

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Employee Assisted Programs (EAP) are work-based interventions that are designed to help employees with personal and work-related challenges that may be influencing their mental, emotional, or physical health. In order to increase your satisfaction, our EAP programs have also been shown to boost productivity at work, increase employee satisfaction, commitment and organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB)

With our program;

  • You get direct treatment for your employees for a wide range of mental health needs. In other words, we help resolve personal challenges that may be influencing their productivity at work such as substance use and abuse, relationship challenges, depression, anxiety, and any other mental health challenges.
  • Services are delivered via any of our platforms – online (video-based counselling), face-to-face (at our multiple physical locations in Lagos and Abuja) or concierge (we visit your office or your employee at home).
  • Moreover, you get help via phone and email interactions with employees available 24/7.
  • In addition, no matter the size of your staff, we got you covered
  • You can extend the EAP program to the employee’s spouse, children, and any other member living in the same household
  • Moreover, we have affordable and flexible options
  • Furthermore, there is a payment plan for everyone.

Our EAP Options

Send us a message to request further clarifications.

Crisis Response

Traumatic experiences within an organization can upset the goals and objectives of any organization. Potential trauma experiences within an organization can be caused by stressful events such as death, suicide, accidents, injury, or layoffs. Other likely stressors are bullying, harassment, maliciousness, and a host of others. Employers cannot guarantee that there will be no traumatic experiences within the organization. However, what can be done is to prevent and reduce the effects attached to traumatic exposure. We provide supportive and counselling services, led by our trained mental health professionals, to better organizations’ objectives and goals.

Executive Coaching

Self awareness, clarity of goals, effective leadership style, and understanding potentials are some challenge areas that are faced by executives. Our executive program is to help executives build up themselves to be their best self. We do not have the solutions to problems, but we serve as a guide to unlock solutions to all problems based on our personalized profiling. Our program is also directed to other individuals within the organization or a group. It is no longer a stigma to have a coach; it’s a status symbol. We typically work with clients in developing these areas: communication skills, conflict management, time management, productivity, stress management, work-life balance, and emotional intelligence.

Group Mental Health Consultations

We offer general monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, and flexible options for your employees and other stakeholders on social, cognitive, emotional and behavioural awareness and help on related mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and psychological effects of trauma.

Training and Seminar

Training and Seminar: Skills and knowledge are important areas in developing oneself and organizations. Training areas are on emotional intelligence, social intelligence, stress management, effective communication, and mental skills training, among other. In also offer training on these areas as it affects sales and productivity.