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What Are The Types of Bullying?

From name-calling to physical assault, bullying takes many forms. Some forms of bullying are easier to identify than others. In this article, we will be going through the different types of bullying We’ll start with the most popular Types of Bullying By Bullying Behavior Physical: The use of physically abusive behavior like hitting, pushing, kicking, …

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What Is Bullying And What Is Not

What does bullying look like? Bullying involves repeated and purposeful behavior that causes hurt and distress to an individual or individuals. It isn’t some kind of disagreement. It always includes some form of forceful coercion, threat or control of one person over the other which could be verbal, physical or psychological. When we think of …

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Dealing with high maintenance relationships in Lagos - Nigeria : 360 Psyche

Dealing With High Maintenance Relationship

Let Me Tell You a Story… I had always wanted a car, nothing expensive, perhaps a Range Rover Evogue 2017 would do. As I said, nothing expensive! Finally my dream came true. Tony was selling at a fantastic price. I couldn’t believe my luck. “How much last, you know this car is not new”  Without any …

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