Anger Management

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Managing anger is an acquired skill, and our anger management approach is focused on helping individuals deal with anger in a better, more positive way.

If you notice that you get angry often especially when it seems out of control, use words or do things you regret afterwards, become verbally and/ or physically abusive, you might want to sign-up for anger management by completing the options below. Anybody can manage anger effectively. Get started with our verified, qualified, and experienced therapists, psychologists and counsellors.

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Are you looking for an effective way to manage or control your anger? Do you want to deal with anger or related reasons in an effective way? Would you like to take back control of your mind and body the next time you feel anger? Our anger management class/course is best for you.

At one point or the other, we get angry. Anger is a human emotion that has both positive and negative effects on our health, relationships, general well-being and others. Managing anger does not mean holding it back or avoiding it. Our qualified and experienced mental health professionals offer tools, techniques and skills that can help people become better at expressing anger.

Anger doesn’t have to always be outward (e.g. being verbally abusive or breaking things), it can also be inward (e.g. holding it in without experiencing or negative self-talk) or passive/ subtle (e.g. silent treatment).

Anger is a normal, healthy human emotion that helps our survival. Yes, it is. However, evidence points out that anger is the most difficult emotion to control. Nonetheless, ineffective anger management has been proven to take a toll on our physical, emotional, mental, and social health, causing harm to both the person and others.

Online (Virtual) and Physical Options

Our online anger management option can be assessed from anywhere in the world. However, we offer physical services only in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Research has proven long term benefits of anger management courses, therapy and counselling.

Benefits of Anger Management

During anger management, you would learn and practise effective skills and techniques that have been proven to yield long term benefits. You’ll also be able to identify triggers and early signs of an angry outburst. Our approach to anger management would not only help you manage anger but would include strategies to help you cope and manage other areas of life. This anger management therapy or counselling would help improve emotional intelligence, resilience, social intelligence and whats more.

With easy-to-digest lessons and practice, coined from Africa, Nigerian experiences, our anger management class/ course is self-paced. You can spend the amount of time you want. Our anger management courses/ classes are provided by qualified and experienced mental health professionals, inclusive psychologists, therapists, and counsellors in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. This state-of-art, Nigerian tailor-fitted course can be offered to children, teens, adults, older adults, couples, families, organizations.

Our anger management approach can help you manage the use of substances such as alcohol, which may be used to avoid anger stressors. It may also help build good communication skills, make you more assertive, and build your relationship. It also effective in reducing aggressive and anxiety tendencies, and increase self-confidence and esteem.

Get assess to anger management in Lagos, Abuja and any city Nigeria from only qualified and experienced mental health professionals by signing up.

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