Appointment Schedule

Appointments scheduling just got easier. Yippee! No more clashes or delays. We recommend you read up on our various delivery options description before proceeding.

How to schedule an appointment

1) Choose your preferred location

2) Select your preferred service: Only services available based on your preferred location would be shown. If you need a particular service, kindly change your location or send a message with a request. 

3) Select your preferred professional: Only professionals offering your preferred service would be visible. Need help deciding? View our list of verified professionals to review profiles or send a message and we would link you up with a good fit. 

4) Choose your preferred date and time: Only available days and time slots available with your preferred professional would be visible. Not finding a desired date and time? You choose another date and/ or time, or choose another professional. 

5)  Input your details 

6) On the comment section: We advice you include enough information to provide an insight of why you scheduled an appointment or information you decide to include. 

Still need help deciding or scheduling an appointment? Don’t worry, we got you. Just send us a message and we would figure everything out for you. 


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