Olanrewaju Diaudeen


Olanrewaju is a passionate and dedicated clinical psychologist and relationship expert with years of experience in mental health care. He is skilled in multiple therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness based interventions, among others. He is known for empathetic care and commitment to improving mental health and well-being for all.

Olanrewaju is focused on creating a safe space for healing to individuals, couples and groups with a non-judgemental approach. He is experienced in assessment and Evaluation of various psychological and relationship challenges. With a flare for research, he is actively involved in Research and Evaluation, as well as advocacy


Clinical Psychologist

360 Psyche® | Mental Health


July 2024 – Present · 

Job Description

  • Assess clients’ needs, abilities or behavior using a variety of methods, including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behavior
  • Diagnose psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders
  • Plan, monitor and adapt appropriate treatment programmes and interventions, including therapy, counseling, training, and coaching in isolation or in collaboration with colleagues
  • Select, administer, and interpret intelligence, personality or other psychological tests
  • Develop and implement treatment plans and therapeutic processes which includes frequency, intensity, and duration
  • Help clients define goals and plan action to achieve personal, social, development and adjustment progress
  • Monitor clients progress thorough sessions
  • Offer EAP services to clients
  • Offer therapy and treatments for issues relating to a range of mental health conditions and client’s personal difficulties
  • Offer training services for groups and individuals
  • Evaluate the efficacy and outcome of treatments
  • Provide crisis intervention in situation requiring immediate psychological treatment
  • Communicate with and counsel family members as appropriate
  • Provide clinical supervision to less experienced psychologists and members of the wider multidisciplinary team
  • Provide psychology teaching and training to other members of the team.
  • Carry out applied research, adding to the evidence base of practice in a variety of healthcare settings
  • Write articles on various mental health disorders and difficulties that will be published on our website
  • Contribute in promoting the business and activities
  • Contribute in the business social media and internet talk shows and events
  • Offer recommendations and suggestions to the organization
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness based therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Family Therapy


Clinical Psychologist

Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency


Mar 2022 – Present · 

Job Description

  • Provide support for individuals with domestic violence and their family members

Skills: Acceptance and commitment therapy, addiction counselling, psychological assessment, stress management, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, psychoeducation, group therapy


Clinical Psychologist 

Lagos State University Teaching hospital


Nov 2021 – Present

Job Description

  • Clerking of patients
  • Assist in the administration of psychological tests
  • Attended ward round with a term of management staff
  • Offered Psychotherapy to oncology and geriatric patients
  • Participated and facilitated group session for cancer patients.
  • Took part in case management, documentation and seminar presentation.

Skills: Clinical assessment, report writing, note taking, basic counselling, group psychoeducation, documentation


Guidance Counsellor

Nigeria Tulip International College

Full Time

Nov. 2020 – Oct 2021· 

Job Description

  • Provide premium services to help students morally, psychologically and educationally

Skills: Addiction counselling, psychological testing, behavioural modification, psychoeducation, group therapy, psychological intervention


Research Assistant

sedai Africa


Aug. 2018 – Oct. 2020

Job Description

  • Participate in various psychological researches

Skills: Research, Report Writing



College of Nursing and Midwifery, Kontagora, Niger state


Nov. 2018 – Sept. 2019

Job Description

  • Lectured prospective nurses and carried out research

Skills: Basic Counselling, Peer Education, Behavioural Modification, Psychoeducation, Group Therapy


  • University of Lagos

Master’s degree, Clinical Psychology

2019 – 2021

  • University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Bachelor’s degree, Psychology

2014 – 2018