MMPI-2 Psychometric Test


Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory ~2

S.KL. Hathaway and J.C. McKinley
and the MMPI Restandardization Committee of The University of Minnesota Press: James N. Butcher. W. Grant Dahlstrom, John R. Graham, Auke Tellegen

The Inventory consists of numbered statements. Read each statement and decide whether it is true as applied to you or false as applied to you.

If a statement is true or mostly true, as applied to you, check TRUE. If a statement is false or not usually true, as applied to you, check FALSE.
Try to give a response to every statement.

Remember to give your own opinion of yourself.

Remember: try to respond to every statement.

Now go ahead with the test

1. I like mechanics’ magazines.
2. I have a good appetite.
3. I wake up fresh and rested most mornings.
4. I think I would like the work of a Librarian
5.I am easily awakened by noise
6. My father is a good man, or (if your father is dead) my father was a good man
7. I like to read newspaper articles on crime
8. My hands and feet are usually warm enough
9. My daily life is full of things that keep me interested
10. I am about as able to work as I ever was
11. There seems to be a lump in my throat much of the time
12. My sex life is satisfactory
13. People should try to understand their dreams and be guided by or take warning from them
14. I enjoy detective or mystery stories
15. I work under a great deal of tension
16. Once in a while I think of things too bad to talk about
17. I am sure I get a raw deal from life
18. I am troubled by attacks of nausea and vomiting
19. When I take a new job, I like to find out who it is important to be nice to
20. I am very seldom troubled by constipation
21. At times I have very much wanted to leave home
22. No one seems to understand me
23. At times I have fits of laughing and crying that I cannot control
24. Evil spirit poses me at times
25. I would like to be a singer
26. I feel that it is certainly best to keep my mouth shut when I’m in trouble
27. When people do me a wrong, I feel I should pay them back if I can, just for the principle of the thing
28. I am bother by an upset stomach several times a week
29. At times I feel like swearing
30. I have nightmares every few nights
31. I find it hard to keep my mind on a task or job
32. I have had very peculiar and strange experiences
33. I seldom worry about my health
34. I have never been in trouble because of my sexual behavior
35. Sometimes when I was young I stole things.
36. I have a cough most of the times.
37. At times I feel like smashing things.
38. I have had periods of days, weeks, or months when I couldn’t take care of things because I couldn’t get going.
39. My sleep is fitful and disturbed.
40. Most of the time my head seems to hurt all over.
41. I do not always tell the truth.
42. If people had not had it in for me, I would have been much more successful.
43. My judgment is better than it ever was.
44. Once a week or oftener I suddenly feel hot all over, for no reason.
45. I am in just as good physical health as most of my friends
46. I prefer to pass by school friends, or people I know but have not seen for a long time, unless they speak to me first.
47. I am almost never bothered by pains over my heart or in my chest
48. Most anytime I would rather sit and daydream than do anything else.
49. I am a very social person
50. I have often had to take, orders from someone who did not know as much as I did.
51. I do not read every editorial in the newspaper every day.
52. I have not lived the right kind of life.
53. Part of my body often have feelings like burning, tingling, crawling, or like “going to sleep.”
54. My family does not like the work I have chosen (or the work I intend to choose for my lifework
55. I sometimes keep on at a thing until others lose their patience with me.
56. I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be.
57. I hardly ever feel pain in the back of my neck
58. I think a great many people exaggerate their misfortunes in order to gain sympathy and help of others.
59. I am troubled by discomfort in the pit of my stomach every few days or so
60. When I am with people, I am bothered by hearing very strange things
61. I am an important person.
62. I have often wished I were a girl. (Or if you are a girl) I have never been sorry that I am a girl. .
63. My feelings are not easily hurt. .
64. I enjoy reading love stories.
65. Most of the time I feel blue.. .
66. It would be better if almost all laws were thrown away. .
67. I like poetry. .
68. I sometimes tease animals. .
69. I think I would like the kind of work a forest ranger does. .
70. I am easily downed in an argument. .
71. These days I find it hard not to give up hope of amounting to something.. .
72. My soul sometimes leaves my body. .
73. I am certainly lacking in self-confidence. .
74. I would like to be a florist. .
75. I usually feel like life is worthwhile. .
76. It takes a lot of argument to convince most people of the truth. .
77. Once in while I put off until tomorrow what I ought to do today. .
78. I am liked by most people who know me. .
79. I do not mind being made fun of. .
80. I would like to be a nurse. .
81. I think most people would lie to get ahead. .
82. I do many things which I regret afterwards (I regret things more than others seem to). .
83. I have very few quarrels with members of my family. .
84. I was suspended from school one or more times for bad behavior. .
85. At times I have a strong urge to do something harmful or shocking. .
86. I like to go to parties and other affairs where there is lots of loud and fun. .
87. I have met problems so full of possibilities that I have been unable to make up my mind about them.
88. I believe women ought to have as much sexual freedom as men. .
89. My hardest battles are with myself. .
90. I love my father, or (if your father is dead) I loved my father. .
91. I have little or no trouble with my muscles twitching or jumping. .
92. I don’t seem to care what happens to me.
93. Sometimes when am not feeling well I am irritable..
94. Much of the time I feel as if I have done something wrong or evil.
95. I am happy most of the time.
96. I see things or animals or people around me that others do not see.
97. There seems to be fullness in my head or nose most of the time.
98. Some people are too bossy that I feel like doing the opposite of what they request, even though I know they are right.
99. Someone has it in for me.
100. I have never done anything dangerous for the thrill of it.
101. Often I feel as if there is a tight band around my head.
102. I get angry sometimes.
103. I enjoy a race or game more when I bet on it.
104. Most people are honest chiefly because they are afraid of being caught.
105. In school I was sometimes sent to the principal for bad behavior.
106. My speech is the same as always (not faster or slower, no slurring or hoarseness).
107. My table manners are not quite as good at home as when I am out in company.
108. Anyone who is able and willing to work hard has a good chance of succeeding.
109. I seem to be about as capable most others around me.
110. Most people will use somewhat unfair means to gain profit or an advantage rather than to lose it.
111. I have a great deal of stomach trouble.
112. I like dramatics.
113. I know who is responsible for troubles.
114. Sometimes I am strongly attracted by the personal articles of others, such as shoes, gloves, etc., that I want to handle or steal them, though I have no use for them.
115. The sight of blood doesn’t frighten or make me sick.
116. Often I can’t understand why I have been irritable and grouchy.
117. I have never vomited blood or cough blood.
118. I do not worry about catching disease.
119. I like collecting flowers or growing house plants.
120. I frequently find it necessary to stand up for what I think is right.
121. I have never indulged in any unusual sex practices.
122. At times my thoughts have raced ahead faster than I could speak them.
123. If I could get into a movie without paying and be sure I was not seen I would probably do it
124. I often wonder what hidden reason another person may have for doing something nice for me.
125. I believe that my home life is as pleasant as that of most people I know.
126. I believe in law enforcement.
127. Criticism or scolding hurts me terribly.
128. I like to cook.
129. My conduct is largely controlled by the behavior of those around me.
130. I certainly feel useless at times.
131. When I as a child, I belonged to a group of friends that tried to be loyal through all kinds of trouble.
132. I believe in a life hereafter.
133. I would like to be a soldier.
134. At times I feel like picking a fist fight with someone.
135. I have often lost out on things because I couldn’t make up my mind soon enough.
136. It makes me impatient to have people ask my advice or otherwise interrupt me when I am working on something important.
137. I used to keep a diary.
138. I believed I am being plotted against.
139. I would rather win than lose in a game.
140. Most night I go to sleep without thoughts or ideas bothering me.
141. During the past few years I have been well most of the time.
142. I have never had a fit or convulsion.
143. I am neither gaining nor losing weight.
144. I believed I am being followed.
145. I feel that I have often been punished without cause.
146. I cry easily.
147. I cannot understand what I read as well as I used to.
148. I have never felt better in my life than I do now.
149. The top of my head sometimes feels tender.
150. Sometimes I feel as if I must injure either myself or someone else.
151. I resent having anyone trick me so cleverly that I have to admit I was fooled.
152. I do not tire quickly.
153. I like to know some important people because it makes me feel important.
154. I am afraid when I look down from a high place.
155. It wouldn’t make me nervous if any members of my family got into trouble with the law.
156. I am never happy unless I am roaming or traveling around.
157. What others think of me does not bother me.
158. It makes me uncomfortable to put on a stunt at a party even when others are doing the same sort of things.
159. I have never had a fainting spell.
160. I like school.
161. I frequently have to fight against showing that I am bashful.
162. Someone has been trying to poison me.
163. I do not have a great fear of snakes.
164. I seldom or never have dizzy spells.
165. My memory seems to be all right.
166. I am worried about sex.
167. I find it hard to make talk when I meet new people.
168. I have had periods in which I carried on activities without knowing latter what I had been doing.
169. When I get bored I like to stir up some excitement.
170. I am afraid of losing my mind.
171. I am against giving money to beggars.
172. I frequently notice my hand shakes when I try to do something.
173. I can read a long while without tiring my eyes.
174. I like to study and read about things that I am working at.
175. I feel weak all over much of the time.
176. I have very few headaches.
177. My hands have not become clumsy or awkward.
178. Sometimes, when embarrassed, I break out in a sweat which annoys me greatly.
179. I have had no difficulty in keeping my balance in walking.
180. There is something wrong with my mind.
181. I do not have spells of hay fever asthma.
182. I have had attacks in which I could not control my movements or speech but in which I knew what was going on around me.
183. I do not like everyone I know.
184. I daydream very little.
185. I wish I were not too shy.
186. I am not afraid to handle money.
187. If I were a reporter, I would very much like report news of the theater.
188. I enjoy much different kind of play and recreation
189. I like to flirt.
190. My people treat me more like a child than a grown up.
191. I would like to be a journalist.
192. My mother is a good woman, or (if your mother is dead) my mother was a good woman.
193. In walking I am very careful to step over sidewalk cracks.
194. I have never had any breaking out on my skin that has worried me.
195. There is very little love and companionship in my family as compared to other homes.
196. I frequently find myself worrying about something.
197. I thing I would like the work of the building contractor.
198. I often hear voices without knowing where they come from.
199. I like science.
200. It is not hard for me to ask help from my friends even though I cannot return the favor.
201. I very much like hunting.
202. My parents are often objected to the kind of people I went around with.
203. I gossip a little at times.
204. My hearing is apparently as good as that of most people.
205. Some of my family has habit that bothers and annoys me very much.
206. At times I feel that I can make up my mind with unusually great ease.
207. I would like to belong to several clubs.
208. I hardly ever notice my heart pounding and I am seldom short of breath.
209. I like to talk about sex.
210. I like to visit places where I have never been before.
211. I have been inspired to a program of life based on duty which I have since carefully followed.
212. I have at times stood in the ways of people when we were trying something, not because it amounted to much but because of the principle of the thing.
213. I get mad easily and then get over it soon.
214. I have been quite independent and free from family rule.
215. I brood a great dial.
216. Someone has been trying to rob me.
217. My relatives are nearly all in sympathy with me.
218. I have periods of such great restlessness that I cannot sit long in a chair
219. I have been disappointed in love.
220. I never worry about my looks.
221. I dream frequently about things that are best kept to myself.
222. Children should be taught all the main facts of sex
223. I believe I am no more nervous than most others.
224. I have few or no pain
225. My way of doing things is apt to be misunderstood
226. Sometimes without any reason or even when things are going wrong I feel excitedly happy, “on top of the world.”
227. I don’t blame people for trying to grab everything they can get in this world.
228. There are persons who are trying to steal my thought and ideas.
229. I have had blank spells in which my activities; were interrupted and I did not know what was going wrong around me.
230. I can be friendly with people who do things which I consider wrong.
231. I like to be with a crowd which plays jokes on one another.
232. Sometimes in elections I vote for people about whom I know very little.
233. I have difficulties in starting to do things.
234. I believe I am a condemned person.
235. I was a slow learner in school.
236. If were an artist I would like to draw flowers.
237. It does not bother me that I am not better looking.
238. I sweat very easily even on cool days.
239. I am entirely self-confident.
240. At times it has been impossible for me to keep from stealing or shoplifting something.
241. It is safer to trust nobody.
242. Once a week or oftener I become very excited.
243. When in a group of people, I have trouble thinking of the right things to talk about.
244. Something exciting will almost always put me out of it when I am feeling low.
245. When I leave home I do not worry about whether the door is locked and the windows closed.
246. I believe my sins are unpardonable.
247. I have numbness in one or more places on my skin.
248. I do not blame a person for taking advantage of people who leave themselves open to it.
249. My eyesight is as good as it has been for years.
250. At times I have been so entertained by the cleverness of some criminals that I have hoped they would get away with it.
251. I have often felt that strangers were looking at me critically.
252. Everything tastes the same.
253. I drink an unusually amount of water every day.
254. Most people make friends because friends are likely to be useful to them.
255. I do not often notice my ears ringing or buzzing.
256. Once in a while I feel hate toward members of my family whom I usually love.
257. If I were a reporter I would very much like to report sporting news.
258. I can sleep during the day but not at night.
259. I am sure I am being talked about.
260. Once in a while I laugh at a dirty joke.
261. I have very few fears compared to my friends.
262. In a group of people I will not be embarrassed to be called upon to start a discussion or give an opinion about something I know well.
263. I am always disgusted with the law when a criminal is freed through the arguments of a smart lawyer.
264. I have used alcohol excessively.
265. I am likely not to speak to people until they speak to me
266. I have never been in trouble with the law.
267. I have periods in which I feel unusually cheerful without any special reason.
268. I wish I were not bothered by thoughts about sex.
269. If several people find themselves in trouble, the best thing for them to do is to agree upon a story and stick to it.
270. It does not bother me particularly to see animals suffer.
271. I think I feel more intensely than most people do.
272. There never was a time in my life when I liked to play with dolls.
273. Life is a strain for me much of the time.
274. I am so touchy on some subjects that I can’t talk about them.
275. In school I found it very hard to talk in front of the class.
276. I love my mother, or (if your mother is dead) I loved my mother.
277. Even when am with people I feel lonely much of the time.
278. I get all sympathy I should.
279. I refuse to play some games because I am not good at them.
280. I seem to make friends about as quickly as others do.
281. I dislike having people around me.
282. I have been told that I walk during sleep.
283. The person who provides temptation by leaving valuable property unprotected is about as much to blame for its theft as the one who steals it.
284. I think nearly everyone will tell a lie to keep out of trouble.
285. I am more sensitive than most other people.
286. Most people inwardly dislike putting themselves out to help other people
287. Many of my dreams are about sex.
288. My parent and family find more fault with me than they should.
289. I am easily embarrassed.
290. I worry over money and business.
291. I have never been in love with anyone.
292. The thing that some of my family have done have frightened me.
293. I almost never dream.
294. My neck spots with red often.
295. I have never been paralyzed nor had any unusual weakness of any of my muscles.
296. Sometimes my voice leaves me or changes even though I have no cold.
297. My mother or father often made me obey even made me obey even when I thought that it was unreasonable.
298. Peculiar odors come to me times.
299. I cannot keep my mind on one thing.
300. I have reason for feeling jealous of one or more members of my family.
301. I feel anxiety about something or someone almost all the time.
302. I easily become impatient with people.
303. Most of the time I wish I were dead.
304. Sometimes I become so excited that I find it hard to get to sleep.
305. I have certainly had more than my share of things to worry about.
306. No one cares much what happens to you.
307. At times I hear so well it bothers me.
308. I forget right away what people say to me.
309. I usually have to stop and think before I act even in small matters.
310. Often I cross the street in order not to meet someone I see.
311. I often feel as if things are not real.
312. The only interesting part of newspapers is the comic.
313. I have a habit of counting things that are not important such as bulbs on electric signs, and also forth
314. I have no wish enemies who really to harm me.
315. I tend to be on my guard with people who are somewhat more friendly than I had expected.
316. I have strange and peculiar thoughts.
317. I get anxious and upset when I have to make a short trip away from hope.
318. I usually expect to succeed in things I do.
319. I hear strange things when I am alone.
320. I have been afraid of things or people that I knew could not hurt me.
321. I have no dread of going into a room by myself where other people have already gathered and are talking.
322. I am afraid of using a knife or anything very sharp or pointed.
323. Sometimes I enjoy hurting persons I love.
324. I can easily make other people afraid of me, and sometimes do for the fun of it.
325. I have more trouble concentrating than others seem to have.
326. I have several times given up doing a thing because I thought too little of my ability.
327. Bad words, often terrible words, come into my mind and I cannot get rid of them.
328. Sometimes more unimportant thought will run through my mind and bother me for days.
329. Almost every day something happens to frighten me
330. At times I am all full of energy.
331. I am inclined to take things hard.
332. At times I have enjoyed being hurt by someone I loved.
333. People say insulting and vulgar things about me.
334. I feel uneasy indoors
335. I am not usually self-conscious.
336. Someone has control over my mind.
337. At parties I am more likely to sit by myself or with just one person than to join in with the crowd.
338. People often disappoint me.
339. I have sometimes felt that difficulties were piling up so high that I could not overcome them.
340. I love to go to dance.
341. At periods my mind seems to work more slowly than usual
342. While in trains, buses, etc., I often talk to strangers
343. I enjoy children.
344. I enjoy gambling for small stakes.
345. If given the chance I could do some things that would be of great benefit to the world.
346. I have often met people who were supposed to be experts who were no better than I
347. It makes me feel like a failure when I hear of the success of someone I know well.
348. I often think I wish I were a child again.
349. I am never happier than when alone.
350. If given the chance I would make a goon leader of people.
351. I am embarrassed by dirty stories.
352. People generally demand more respect for their own rights than they are willing to allow for others.
353. I enjoy social gatherings just to be with people.
354. I try to remember good stores to pass them on to other people.
355. At one or more times in my life I felt that someone was making me do things by hypnotizing me.
356. I find it hard to set aside a task that I have undertaken even for s short time.
357. I am quite often not in on the gossip and talk of the group I belong to.
358. I have often found people jealous of my good ideas, just because they had not thought of them first.
359. I enjoy the excitement of a crowd.
360. I do not mind meeting strangers.
361. Someone has been trying to influence my mind.
362. I can remember “playing sick” to get out of something.
363. My worries seem to disappear when I get into a crowd of lively friends.
364. I feel like giving up quickly when things go wrong.
365. I like to let people know where I stand on things.
366. I have had periods when I felt full of pep that sleep did not seem necessary for days at a time.
367. Whenever possible I avoid being in a crowd.
368. I shrink from facing a crisis or difficulty.
369. I am apt to pass up something I want to do when others feel that it isn’t worth doing.
370. I like parties and socials.