Counselors/ Counselling Psychologist

Counselors are trained mental health professional that utilizes the talk therapy ‘counselling’. A counselor can help you cope with mental health challenges, an upsetting physical health challenge, a difficult life event, difficult emotions and a wide range of other issues. Counselling can be scheduled for you alone, as a couple, with your family, or with other groups. Counselors have psychology background, or other related background, but they are required to have a minimum level of training, supervision, and experience. Counselors encompass research and applied work in several broad domains such as education, relationships, marriage, personal life, and mental health. Read more about marriage counselors.

The roles of a counselor and clinical psychologist often overlap. However, a counselor will work with more surface-level emotional and social challenges. A counselor generally considers what is happening at the present which could range from difficulties at work/home, one specific trauma, to any other related difficulties. The counselor looks at the immediate presenting symptoms and behaviour and how it is impacting your life at the present. Short-term tools that can help you break out of negative thoughts and habits are used. Counselors also conduct researches in other to search for the best ways to help you. 

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