Stress coping Resources

Stress Coping Resources Inventory

Instructions: People differ remarkably in their response to potentially stressful events. for instance, about one in ten hostages comes out of captivity a mentally healthier person that when entering. while the others may face extreme emotional difficulty. what are the factors associated with coping success?
The questions below relate to factors most closely associated with the capacity to cope successfully with the stress.
Circle the letter which list the option that you choose.
Answer each question as honestly as possible.

How frequently do you moderately exercise?
How often do you get a full, restful night of sleep?
To what extent is your energy sufficient for our work and daily activities?
How closely does your weight approach the ideal level?
To what extent do you eat a nutritious diet?
Which of the following describes your use of tobacco?
Which of the following best describes your use of alcohol?
To what extent do you believe that you have history of coping well with highly stressful situations?
How confidence are you of being able to control your emotions in stressful situations?
When things are not going well, how likely are you to view the situation as being temporary rather than permanent?
When something bad happen to you, how likely are you to exaggerate its importance?
When stressed by a complex situation, how likely are you to focus your attention on those aspects of the situation that you can manage?
When highly stressed, how capable are you of changing your thinking to calm down?
When confronted with a stressful situation, how likely are you to wait passively for event to develop rather than to take change?
which of the following courses of action are you most likely to take when you have become thoroughly frustrated?
If you would had worn an article of clothing one day and then find it to be flawed, how likely would you be to return it and ask for refund?
When an unexpected, negative events happens to you, how likely are you to actively seek information about the event and how to cope with it?
How much decision-making power so you have in your family?
How much decision-making power do you have in your working environment?( if not working outside the home at present. use your last job as a basis for answering question.)
To what extent do you believe that events in your life are merely the result of luck, fate or chance?
What is your best guess as to the extent and quality of contact you had with your parent(s) shortly after birth?
During your early childhood, to what extent was your mother calm and generally permissive?
How easily do you make friends in a strange situation?
When highly stressed, how likely are you to ask friends or relatives for help?
In comparison to other people, how likely are you to see others as threatening uncooperative or exploitative?
How often are you confused about the intentions of other towards you?
To what extent are you aware of practical, healthy ways of relaxing?
How frequent do you pursue some highly relaxing practice?
How often do you engage in spiritual practice, such as prayer, meditation or inspirational reding to enrich your interior life?
How connected do you feel to your conception of a higher power to a worthy cause?
To what extent do you believe your life has purpose?
How much contact do you have with what you would consider a spiritual community?