Self-help Tips For Postpartum Depression

Self-help Tips For Postpartum Depression

Pregnancy and Childbirth can be a very exciting yet an emotionally and physically draining time in the life of a mother. It definitely takes its toll on her mental health.

Because of how fragile a new born is, all attention is shifted from the mother to the baby. This is one reason why it is so easy to ignore the warning signs of depression.

Babies need caregivers who are responsive to their needs but postpartum depression makes that difficult. This is why we advocate for self-care.

Here are a few Self-care tips for new moms:

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During pregnancy, get a lot of information on how to care for yourself and the baby after childbirth. This goes a long way to prepare you mentally for what lies ahead. It is important not to stop reading after your baby arrives as this will keep stimulating you mentally and you get answers to pressing questions as regards your newborn. This helps you stay more in control. It is important to note that preparation doesn’t just apply to first-time mothers

Social Support:

Stay in touch with trusted family and friends that you would want around after your baby arrives. You need all the help you can get. More so, having people to share your thoughts with can be therapeutic. Remember to seek and accept any help offered.

Get Enough Sleep:

It is so easy to be sleep deprived as a new mom. However, to sustain your motivation, think clearly, and maintain your sense of humor, sleep is very important. You can always arrange with family members or friends who can watch over your baby while you sleep. If there are no family members around, you can get the help you can trust. If you need help trusting people, do send us a message.

Put Yourself First Sometimes:

Take some time off to be by yourself doing what you love. Listening to music, taking a warm bath, or going for a short walk around the house can help you relieve stress.

Avoid Comparison:

Don’t compare yourself to other mothers. We are all different and our experiences will differ as well. Nobody becomes perfect at taking care of babies overnight. So struggling in your new role does not make you a bad mother. There is no need to doubt yourself to the point of developing anxiety over caring for your little one. Do your best, ask questions, and research some more instead of comparing yourself to other mothers who probably already have years of experience.

Practice Mindfulness:

This simply means focusing on the present instead of thinking about things from the past or into the future.  You have to learn to shift your attention from things you feel you could have done better or getting anxious about the future. Focus on the now, accept it for what it is without judging yourself.

This simple practice will help you enjoy your present and reduce sadness, regret, and anxiety.

Take a Day At a Time:

Lastly, remember that motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint. You will keep learning and getting better over time.

You can reach out to Postpartum Support Network, African for help with postpartum depression in Lagos, Abuja, or any other location in Nigeria.

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Discover amazing ways to live your best life.

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