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We all want a stress-free life. Realistically, a stress-free life is not achievable. At different times in our lives, that is to say, we will go through stressful situations. For example, they say, living in Lagos, Nigeria is stressful on its own. However, managing stressful situations and adapting well towards growth can be summarized as resilience. Therefore, learning how to build resilience is important for both our minds and body.

Resilient individuals view challenges as an avenue for growth rather than a paralyzing experience. On the other hand, it is not a personality trait that only a few people possess. Consequently, it is a skill that can be learned by anybody. 

Meanwhile, here are six tips to help you increase your resilience levels. 

1. Connect With People

We are as strong as our support system is not an old wives tale. So, the supports system of empathetic individuals provides a safe space to express their emotions. Moreover, this is extremely important to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Increase Optimism

An optimistic outlook helps you to view stressful situations in a way that doesn’t involve self-blame or despair. Rather, it focuses on identifying the positive and problem-solving measures one can utilize.

3. Strengthen Your Body

Our mental disposition affects our physical state. In the same way, our physical state plays a role in our mental capabilities. Thus, practicing a healthy lifestyle can help build our resilience levels. Healthy lifestyle behaviors include a balanced and timely diet, good sleep, and exercise.

4. Counter Negative Thoughts

It is easier to fall into the spiral of self-blame and pity during stressful situations. It is actually more comfortable. This is a negative mechanism that keeps you fixated on the problem rather than the solution. Avoid negative thoughts by countering them with positive ones. Cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies can also be of help. Rather than wishing to revert to how things were before the stressful situation, we focus only on events that are in your control. This helps you bounce back and improves resilience levels.

5. Embrace Change

People who are open to and can easily embrace change can adapt easily and tend to have higher resilience levels.

6. Seek Professional Help To Learn How To Build Resilience

Seeking appropriate help from a trained mental health professional is crucial. They are equipped to assist you in developing an effective strategy to move through the stressful event and experience growth.

Take a step towards improving your resilience today. You can start a resilience-building course available physically in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Virtual courses are also available.

To learn more, visit the American Psychological Association topic pages.

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