What is Face-To-Face Therapy?

Face-To-Face Therapy in Lagos - Nigeria : 360 Psyche

This is the traditional means of delivering help and still widely used. Face-to-face therapy gives your mental health professional an opportunity to assess your whole self – your body language, what you say, what you find difficult to talk about, the tone of your voice. It also gives the opportunity to be examined by a medical professional to rule out any medical basis for a mental health challenge. You, the client, would need to visit the professional’s office or an agreed hospital. We have five locations within Lagos, Nigeria for face-to-face therapy – Victoria Island, Ikota Villa Lekki, Surulere, Festac and Ikeja. 

Is Face-to-Face Therapy for me?


  • When you need help for schizophrenia or bipolar
  • When you feel more comfortable talking to your mental health professional in-person
  • When you need a diagnosis from your mental health professional
  • When you do not have access to internet services

When Face-to-Face Therapy is not for me?


  • When you want to remain anonymous
  • When you are physically restricted or challenged and unable to leave your home
  • When you have busy schedules and want to get help anywhere, anytime – either at the comfort of your home or work, or during the early morning hours or late at night. You’ll need to schedule for an online therapy instead.
  • When you live in Diaspora and would prefer the services of a professional in your homeland.

How do you get started?


Utilize our seamless appointment schedule and we would match you with a verified professional. Enjoy our free service and Ask A Therapist any related question, or join our community for hot discussions every day. You can enjoy free resources on this platform.

Got a question? Look for answers on our FAQ or send us a message and we would respond within 24 hours.

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