What is Online Therapy or Counselling?

The world is becoming a virtual village, so we are redefining the way professional mental health service is provided. Online psychotherapy, also called telepsychology, e-counselling, or e-therapy, is a virtual process of consultation or delivering psychological services through the internet. This means you can choose to access help anonymously at a convenient time and place for you. Our services are provided through real-time two-way electronic audio-visual communications (we opt for secure end to end platforms that is convenient with you). Direct services are provided using secured videoconferencing and telephone call while emails and text messages are only utilized for non-direct services (e.g. scheduling appointment, complaints, suggestions, etc.). You can schedule for an appointment for online therapy on 360 Psyche. Online therapy has been proven to be effective for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), among others.

Is Online Therapy for me?

  • This is a preferred method when you are in a different place from the psychotherapist.
  • When you want to remain anonymous
  • When you live in rural or remote areas where there are no professional services or you find it difficult getting a good local professional.
  • When you travel frequently, or busy most of the time and you would want to be consistent with your sessions.
  • When you are physically restricted or challenged and unable to leave your home. For example, online therapy is suitable to help address stress and difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic or help deal with abuse while at home due to COVID-19.
  • When you find it more comfortable getting therapy using the internet
  • When you have busy schedules and want to get help anywhere, anytime – either at the comfort of your home or work, or during the early hours of the morning or later in the evening
  • When you need a more affordable option to get help. Online counselling and therapy is more economical than face-to-face and concierge services
  • When you are not comfortable visiting a hospital or a therapist office, or sitting in the waiting room because of concerns around stigma.
  • When you are in Diaspora and would prefer the services of a professional in your homeland.

When Online Therapy is not for me

  • When you do not have access to reliable internet services
  • When you prefer the traditional face-to-face contact with your treatment provider. We have 5 locations within Lagos, Nigeria to schedule for a face-to-face services with a psychotherapist.
  • Online therapy and counselling is less suited for schizophrenia, bipolar or suicidal thinking
  • When you want an official diagnosis. It is difficult to come up with a diagnosis with online therapy (If you want a diagnosis, schedule for two initial face-to-face assessment sessions before continuing with the online option).
  • When you are not comfortable with potential risks of online psychotherapy – messages not received, network challenges, confidentiality could be breached if confidential information, on the client’s part, is sent to the wrong address, confidentiality could be breached in transit by hackers or internet service providers or at either end by others with access to your account. The World Wide Web is susceptible.

How do you get started?

Utilize our seamless appointment schedule to get started. 

Got a question? Look for answers on our FAQ or send us a message and we would respond within 24 hours.

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